Drawbridge Estate
Oldenberg Brewery

Dear Al:

This is a very belated, but very sincere Thank You for all of your efforts with the development for the Oldenberg Brewery.

From our first meeting about this project (now some four years ago) right up and through the opening, I found you and every member of the Pilot team invaluable. I certainly don't have to tell you the number of times we had to change parts of the design or development in midstream. Nevertheless, I felt comfortable that you could execute the changes in a timely, professional, and cost efficient manner. Doing all this, in a building which no one had previous experience in constructing, was all the more difficult.

Many people have called this a new landmark for Northern Kentucky. Obviously that makes me proud. You and everyone at Pilot should have a share in that pride.

Thanks again, for everything.

Gerald Deters

Project Profile for Drawbridge Estate's Oldenberg Brewery.

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