Principal Capital Group
One Eastwood Drive Renovation

Mr. Michael Schleper
Pilot Building Company

Dear Mike,

I want you to know how wonderful our experience was working with you on the Nine West project. I can say without reservation that you are the best contractor I have encountered in 18 years in the business. Our construction consultant, Mike Van Brunt, who assisted us on inspections and loan draws was of the same opinion. The times you covered for us with a difficult sub or two and "made things right" without a problem or worry, were especially impressive. Likewise, Mike your flexibility in dealing with my midstream "tweaking and adjustments" throughout a dizzyingly fast paced design-build process was most appreciated.

Your thoroughness, attention to detail and dogged persistence really paid off for us. By the time we'd finished, I knew that you are a man of your word; you always delivered on your promises. I came to trust you implicitly and was never disappointed. Amazingly, we only had 2 change orders for a very complex design/build renovation spanning 9 months and nearly six million dollars. Quite a testament to you and your company, both professionally and personally.

We had a most enjoyable experience with you and Pilot. Would we have any hesitation doing business with you again or recommending you and Pilot to others? Not even the slightest! In fact, we really hope to be able to do another project with you again very soon. Also, I must tell you on a personal note that I will be disappointed if I don't have the occasional pleasure of taking calls from your prospective clients so that I can rave about your work.

I hope you are pleased by the before and after photo album of the Nine West project accompanying this letter. I consider it a visual attestation to your and Pilot's considerable skills.

Sincerely Yours,
Terry D. Huggins

Project Profile for Principal Capital Group's One Eastwood Drive Renovation.

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