Sawyer Point Building
Pete Rose Way & Eggleston Avenue

June 25, 2001

RE: Pilot Contracting Corporation

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that my company decided to enter the Cincinnati, Ohio office market, and develop the Sawyer Point Building located at Pete Rose Way and Eggleston Avenue during 1999. We procured the identities of four (4) Cincinnati area companies and two (2) Columbus, Ohio groups, and undertook extensive interviews for the position of Construction Manager. Based upon the interviews, references, and strong recommendation of our lead architect, Terry – DeRees Associates, Inc., we selected Pilot Contracting Corporation for the twenty million dollar ($20,000,000.00) project.

The re-construction was complicated by a variety of factors we understood at the outset - uncharted underground utilities, soil conditions, environmental needs, structural deficiencies, traffic and delivery logistics, etc. Mr. Mike Schleper of Pilot Contracting Corporation and his project superintendent, Bill Nehring, together with their associates undertook the conversion of a 1917 manufacturing facility to a Class A office building with their "can do" approach. Pilot's enthusiasm for the challenge didn't abate or diminish at any juncture of the two-year process. It is also important to emphasize that Pilot Contracting Corporation has promptly responded to any service request or inquiry after our contract was completed.

It is with appreciation and an earned sense of trust and confidence in Pilot Contracting Corporation, that causes me to provide the highest recommendation for their services. In the event you would wish to discuss my experiences with Pilot Contracting Corporation personally, I would be happy to receive any inquiry you may have.


Robert J. Meyers

Project Profile for Sawyer Point Building's Pete Rose Way & Eggleston Avenue.

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