Delta Airlines
The Flight Station

Dear Pilot Contracting,

A letter of thanks for making our building experience as successful as we expected. The Flight Station had the challenge of turning a large rough aircraft parts storage room into a first rate retail store that services as Delta Air Lines' official company store. With Curtis Hinshaw as Project Manager, everything from the first day of demolition to the last day of lacing the cherry trim on fine cabinetry was well coordinated and on schedule.

Curtis' and Pilot's experience showed through as sub-contractors were coordinated to maintain a seamless construction progress. As with any building project some problems arise, and when they did Pilot's experience helped avoid any schedule delays. Curtis performed commendably and professionally – assuring that the construction was being "built to code" and all regulations relative to the project were followed.

Thanks to Pilot Contracting and Mr. Curtis Hinshaw we are operating in a store that was successfully constructed as planned. I recommend Pilot Contracting to anyone that demands quality work completed on schedule by a competent supervisory and work force.

Project Profile for Delta Airlines's The Flight Station.

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