Lightborne Communications
Lightborne's New Offices & Studio

Mr. Mike Schleper
Pilot Contracting
1452 Donaldson Highway
Erlanger, KY 41018

28 October, 1998

Dear Mike,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone who worked on the Lightborne building and to briefly review some of the obstacles Pilot encountered on the project. Getting us in the door was no 'cake walk'.

At the outset pilot stepped into a project already in trouble. The original contractor had been dismissed for non-performance and additionally was unable to even finish enclosing the building on time. Pilot took over that added responsibility and had to reschedule their various subs because of that delay.

The difficulties mounted, the architect did not release drawings according to schedule and frequently when they were released had to be sent back because of technical and cost issues.

The previous contractor's budget estimates were wildly off, in some areas more than 200%. When Pilot estimated the final construction costs, Lightborne requested drastic cuts to the scope in an effort to reduce costs. The architect was uncooperative and refused to sacrifice costly 'design' elements over our functional video facility needs.

The project became economically unfeasible and was closed. Pilot was faced with canceling contracts and finishing the minimum necessary to place the building for sale.

Approximately 30 days later Lightborne requested Pilot re-open and finish the project for use as video facility incorporating radical cuts to the original program. The dismissed subs were brought back in, Pilot re-scheduled and diligently worked with both the subs and the client to further reduce costs and keep to the completion schedule. Pilot encountered continued difficulties with the architect, both with the timely release of drawings and on the construction site, threatening delays and cost over runs. Ultimately the architect was released from the project.

Various design elements were one-of-a-kind, had never been done before and required painstaking attention to detail. The technical systems are largely exposed behind glass and steel walls and required a meticulous finish not usual in the trade. The various finishes were also unusual, concrete floors with glitter and an imported poured and layered gymnasium flooring for the edit suites. Pilot's Project Manager and Site Supervisor worked tirelessly with the added difficulties and responsibilities to finish the job on time and on budget.

In closing, Lightborne would highly recommend Pilot Contracting to any potential client Pilot's professionalism, perseverance and honesty in the face of the difficulties encountered with the Lightborne project place them way above and beyond other contracting and construction professionals.

In closing thanks again, and please feel free to use this letter as a reference, request additional references or tour any potential clients through Lightborne. The Lightborne building is a spectacular design project and video facility unequalled in this region.

Vice President
Lightborne Properties LLC

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