St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Cancer Care Expansion

July 19, 1993

To Whom It May Concern:

Pilot Contracting has worked at St. Elizabeth Medical Center on a nearly continuous basis for over five years. They have constructed a Medical Office Building, the Tri-State Healthcare Laundry Facility and numerous renovation projects in both the North and South Hospital Facilities. Without exception, we have been totally satisfied with the work performed by this company and can highly recommend them for any type of construction activities which require careful coordination and high quality. Renovation within a functioning hospital always involves working in departments which are in operation. Pilot has successfully completed numerous projects in departments which are in operation at the time of the renovation and has been able to successfully carry out the work with a minimum of disruption to the department. Among the projects performed were two linear accelerator rooms in the Oncology department, the Medical Records department, a Pre-Admission Testing area, a Physical Therapy department and several projects in Radiology.

Attention to detail, budget, and schedule are among the many strong points which Pilot Contracting brings to the project. We at St. Elizabeth have been extremely pleased with the work performed by this company and recommend them highly for your consideration.



Mark A. Krahe, P.E.
Vice President, Facilities

Project Profile for St. Elizabeth Medical Center's Cancer Care Expansion.

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